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“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight.”
~ Carly Fiorina

MP Martin Accounting and Data Services can help you manage and analyze your data so that it provides useful insight that will help grow your business.

Excel Spreadsheet Help

Your data may start as a simple list. From there, it grows in complexity. You need to tabulate, summarize, cross-tabulate, graph. More lists. Relationships and correlations need to be identified. Trends need to be identified and projected into the future. Excel has hundreds of functions you can use to analyze your data. Few people have the patience or the expertise to sort through a complicated data analysis problem.

Organization and analysis is our passion. We have the experience and skills necessary to help you with your data organization and analysis problems in Microsoft Excel. If you're not sure how to organize your data, we can start with your existing data, identify the results you want, what new data is needed.

Microsoft Access Database Help

Keeping lists and writing formulas is all good and well. When you get several tables with hundreds of entries, and when you're using lookups to pull information out of one table into another, then it might be time to migrate your Excel database to an Access Database. Access is a relational database, which means that records from one table can be tied to records in another table. With Access, you can create user-friendly forms to view and edit one record at a time. You can create queries to filter, modify, add, or delete records. You can create macros to perform sequences of actions at the click of a button or some other form event.


We have the experience and skills to solve any data problem, no matter how simple or complicated. Call today and tell us about data processing problems. Together, we can get the results that you want.

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