QuickBooks Application Integration

QuickBooks allows data to be imported from Excel to selected lists.  It also allows more advanced reporting into excel through the Statement Writer.  For even more advanced reporting and data analasys capabilities, most of the internal tables can be accessed through an ODBC database connection.  For specialized two-way data interchange between QuickBooks and other applications, a third-party utility can be used.

Exchanging Lists with Excel

Most lists and reports can be exported to Excel, Word, or PDF format.  QuickBooks also allows you to import lists directly from Excel for Customer, Vendors, and Items. When you do an import, QuickBooks will identify any duplicate information, and allow you to make any necessary corrections. You cannot import any transactions or chart of accounts additions from Excel.  Importing data to these lists is easy, but if you're struggling feel free to contact us for guidance.

Customizing Standard Reports with QuickBooks Statement Writer

With Statement Writer, you can create more customized reports based on standard reports, and export them to Excel, Word, or PDF format.  Statement Writer allows you to move and combine selective lines according to your specific preference.  You can also add multiple columns, such as a five-year comparative Profit & Loss Statement, and add additional comparison columns.  Once you create a custom report in Excel with Statement Writer, you can update the contents at any time with current data in the QuickBooks file with a touch of a button.  Not all versions of QuickBooks include Statement Writer.  Contact MP Martin Accounting Data for help customizing a standard report with Statement Writer.

ODBC Connection for Customized Reporting

By establishing an ODBC database connection with your QuickBooks file, you can access many of the internal tables, link them into Excel or Microsoft Access, where you can apply customized summary, filtering, or other analysis.  This allows you to create your own specialized reporting and analysis solution not based on standardized reports.  Contact MP Martin Accounting and Data for help setting up your customized ODBC based reporting solution.

Application Integration through ODBC

There are third-party utilities such as QODBC that allow two-way data interchange between QuickBooks and other data applications such as Microsoft Access.  This provides the ultimate level of application integration.  You can create queries and forms within Access to read, modify and add transactions, customer and vendor information, and items.  For customers who have a more extensive customer or job database that needs to integrate directly with QuickBooks, this may be the ideal solution.  For more information about pursuing this type of solution, contact MP Martin Accounting and Data.

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